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How to prepare Medovik "honey cake"

byAndrea A. 02/19/2021
Medovik the famous Russian honey cake: it is a cake that is composed of layers of biscuit, filled with condensed milk or heavy cream and honey
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And for dessert? Ptichie molokó: cake covered in dark chocolate

byAndrea A. 02/18/2021
In Russia, this cake is popularly known as “Bird's milk”. It is one of those Russian desserts that were adopted from another nation, but have modifications made by pastry chefs.
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Russian gastronomy

byAndrea A. 02/17/2021
Russian gastronomy has a rich history. Russian cuisine offers a wide variety of soups, fish dishes, cereals and drinks. Legumes, vegetables, mushrooms, berries and herbs have also been important.
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What you cannot miss about Russia

byAndrea A. 02/16/2021
Visiting Russia will be an unforgettable experience, this immense Nation offers a wide range of travel experiences, from hikes on the slopes of glacier-covered mountains to walks along the shore of the oldest lake on...
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Why is it unusual to see a Russian smile?

byAndrea A. 02/15/2021
Foreigners who come to Russia often wonder this, especially if it is the first time they arrive in the country, because the "not smiling" attracts attention.
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Are you traveling to Russia? Don't forget about ...

byAndrea A. 02/14/2021
Apply for a visa in advance and register on arrival: This advice is mandatory for everyone.
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Russia: A hybrid culture

byAndrea A. 02/13/2021
Russia is a huge multinational country where East and West have embraced, originating the unrepeatable color of Russian culture.
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Discover the delights of Finland

byAndrea A. 02/06/2021
Finland has become in recent years one of the key countries when it comes to delving into the mysteries of northern Europe.
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Finland an independent country

byAndrea A. 02/04/2021
Before discovering a new travel destination, it is very important that you learn more about its culture and customs. Being informed is the best way to prepare for a culture shock that might surprise you.
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Cinnamon Buns Recipe "Kanelbullar"

byAndrea A. 02/02/2021
In Sweden, the fika or coffee break is traditional, being a very important part of the day, becoming a whole social institution, since it is used to disconnect from work and spend a pleasant time with colleagues,...
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