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Traditions: Chinese Mythology

byAndrea A. 03/03/2021
Who has not heard about Chinese culture? A good part of the legends that are part of it correspond to events, stories or stories that took place during the period of the three august and five emperors.
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Russia: A hybrid culture

byAndrea A. 02/13/2021
Russia is a huge multinational country where East and West have embraced, originating the unrepeatable color of Russian culture.
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TOP TEN: Disgusting dishes around the world

byAndrea A. 02/09/2021
In this top ten you will be able to know some of the most Afro-American foods around the world, or some of those that you possibly had no idea they were eaten and that you would not like to try!
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Prepare this rich Finnish baked cheese "Leipäjuusto"

byAndrea A. 02/08/2021
Among the names of Finnish dishes, Leipäjuusto stands out, as it is a delicious cheese bread that does not contain even a hint of yeast.
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Pulla recipe: dessert of Finnish origin

byAndrea A. 02/07/2021
Pulla is a lightly sweet Finnish dessert bread flavored with crushed cardamom seeds.
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Taste a rich and aromatic Swedish mulled wine: Glögg

byAndrea A. 02/03/2021
In Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Norway, glögg is a drink with wine and spices that is served hot. It is traditional during the cold months and at Christmas time.
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Cinnamon Buns Recipe "Kanelbullar"

byAndrea A. 02/02/2021
In Sweden, the fika or coffee break is traditional, being a very important part of the day, becoming a whole social institution, since it is used to disconnect from work and spend a pleasant time with colleagues,...
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Fika is coffee time in Sweden

byAndrea A. 02/01/2021
Culturally speaking, many people believe that Swedes are very reserved and even shy, but a cup of "kaffe" coffee, a sweet pastry and a comfortable place to pause in company are enough for them to talk. This is how...
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Discover how to prepare the famous Swedish Meatballs

Discover how to prepare the famous Swedish Meatballs

byAndrea A. 11/13/2020
This Swedish dish is very famous not only in Sweden, but around the world. These meat balls are the typical dish of IKEA stores. With this recipe you can prepare the homemade version of this traditional dish.
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Dishes you have to try in Sweden

Dishes you have to try in Sweden

byAndrea A. 11/12/2020
Sweden is a country with a harsh climate, its cuisine abounds with fish, with salmon and herring being the most consumed, as well as different types of beef and pork. The presence of some exotic and wild animals such...
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