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Hindu Culture: The privilege of being a man

Hindu Culture: The privilege of being a man

byAndrea A. 04/10/2021
In Hinduism, a man is both the leader of the family and defined by his family. Thus, a perfect man is believed to consist of three people united: his wife, himself, and his offspring.
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Indian Culture: What is it like to be a Woman?

byAndrea A. 04/08/2021
Do you know anything else about India other than the Taj Mahal, the elephants, or the sacred cows?
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What you should know about Indian culture

byAndrea A. 04/06/2021
India has a great diversity of religions; It is the birthplace of great religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.
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Curiosities of Asia

byAndrea A. 03/25/2021
Did you know that Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet?
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Recipe for the famous spring rolls

byAndrea A. 03/23/2021
If you are a lumpia lover, its explosion of flavors will be a compliment to your palate. These spring rolls are a kind of pasta made in rice flour and are filled with different julienne-style chopped vegetables and...
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Recipe of the popular Zongzi

byAndrea A. 03/21/2021
The Zong or Zongzi, is a very typical dish in traditional Chinese cuisine based on glutinous rice with different fillings and rolled with bamboo leaves.
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Recipe to prepare Chop Suey

byAndrea A. 03/19/2021
One of the most traditional dishes of Chinese cuisine is Chop Suey, this dish is not lacking in any good Chinese table. Its name literally means "mixed pieces" and consists of cooking different types of meat with...
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What you did not know about Chinese gastronomy: 5,000 years of flavor and tradition

byAndrea A. 03/17/2021
The cuisine of China is extremely diverse, finding within it eight great regional cuisines with significant differences between them.
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Types of Chinese food: Techniques and flavors part two

byAndrea A. 03/15/2021
Culinary art techniques are basic such as roasts, stir-fries, stews, and steaming.
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Types of Chinese food: Techniques and flavors part one

byAndrea A. 03/13/2021
Within Chinese Gastronomy there is a great variety of ingredients, techniques and flavors
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