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Recipe of the popular Zongzi

byAndrea A. 03/21/2021
The Zong or Zongzi, is a very typical dish in traditional Chinese cuisine based on glutinous rice with different fillings and rolled with bamboo leaves.
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What you did not know about Chinese gastronomy: 5,000 years of flavor and tradition

byAndrea A. 03/17/2021
The cuisine of China is extremely diverse, finding within it eight great regional cuisines with significant differences between them.
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Types of Chinese food: Techniques and flavors part two

byAndrea A. 03/15/2021
Culinary art techniques are basic such as roasts, stir-fries, stews, and steaming.
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Types of Chinese food: Techniques and flavors part one

byAndrea A. 03/13/2021
Within Chinese Gastronomy there is a great variety of ingredients, techniques and flavors
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Chinese Gastronomy: The Art of Cooking

byAndrea A. 03/11/2021
Chinese food dishes focus mainly on aroma, flavor and pay attention to the aesthetic beauty of the food and the colors especially for the sauces.
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The Art of the Chinese Dragon: Powerful Symbol

byAndrea A. 03/09/2021
Dragons are found in many aspects of Chinese culture, from legends about Chinese ancestry to modern pets, from festival events to astrology and idioms.
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Traditions: Chinese Mythology

byAndrea A. 03/03/2021
Who has not heard about Chinese culture? A good part of the legends that are part of it correspond to events, stories or stories that took place during the period of the three august and five emperors.
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Types of Sushi: Do you know the varieties of this delicious dish?

byAndrea A. 02/27/2021
Within sushi we can find the best-known pieces and rolls, which are all presented differently, from sushi without nori seaweed, to rolls without fish that can be substituted for vegetables, or other meats, such as...
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TOP TEN: Disgusting dishes around the world

byAndrea A. 02/09/2021
In this top ten you will be able to know some of the most Afro-American foods around the world, or some of those that you possibly had no idea they were eaten and that you would not like to try!
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Prepare this rich Finnish baked cheese "Leipäjuusto"

byAndrea A. 02/08/2021
Among the names of Finnish dishes, Leipäjuusto stands out, as it is a delicious cheese bread that does not contain even a hint of yeast.
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