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Are you traveling to Russia? Don't forget about ...

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Apply for a visa in advance and register upon arrival:

This advice is mandatory for everyone. It can be done at the last minute, but it will be much more expensive. It is advisable to start the application process at least one month in advance, and do so through a specialized travel agency that processes visas and organizes key transport reservations. Anyone visiting Russia must register their visa within seven business days of arrival. It is mandatory to register at the hotel, pension, room in a private home, or with friends or family if one is staying in a private residence.What you have to do before traveling to Russia

Learning the Cyrillic alphabet is also a key to making your stay more enjoyable, it will also be possible for you to understand more things; learning it allows you to decode names of streets and subway stops, plans, schedules and restaurant menus.

If you already have your trip prepared, you should not forget that you are going to spend a considerable sum of money: Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and Saint Petersburg is not a very cheap destination; You might be surprised by the prices in restaurants and hotels, and also when you have to pay more than Russians to enter some museums (sometimes up to 10 times more). If you are a student, you should show an ID that proves it to save money in museums and other institutions. In restaurants it is a good idea to order 'business lunches', they are satisfying and have very good value for money. The latest fashion in big cities is the ‘anti-cafes’, where you pay by the minute and you can enjoy all the coffee and snacks you want, as well as enjoying Wi-Fi and video games. Taxi drivers and market vendors often try to overcharge tourists, so learning some Russian is helpful.

Something that under no circumstances should you forget when going out to explore this interesting country, is YOUR PASSPORT, because it is possible that some policeman will stop you and ask for an identification card or passport. In addition, you have the right to retain a person (national or foreign) for three hours to determine their identity. Remember that it is convenient to be polite; If you have not done anything wrong you should not worry, take it easy and just show your ID, remember that each country has its rules.
Russia is the largest country in the world and you will be fascinated by its magnificent art, its epic landscapes and a multifaceted society. If you visit Russia for the first time, you will also find that perseverance and a sense of humor will greatly enrich your experience.

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