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Finland an independent country

Posted on02/04/2021 by

Before discovering a new travel destination, it is very important that you learn more about its culture and customs. Being informed is the best way to prepare for a culture shock that might surprise you. Finland is a place full of contrasts, where things happen that may seem strange to foreigners and that despite its cold climate is full of heat that will make you feel at home. An urban and rural place, where cities are surrounded by nature and so getting to the countryside will be very easy. Finland has a mix of Eastern and Western cultures that have forged a unique race of Finns, who are very proud of their country. One of the interesting aspects of traditional life in Finland is hospitality. Residents of this country have a special attitude towards receiving guests. In accordance with Finnish tradition, this event (reception of guests) requires extensive preparation that can take up to a couple of weeks. At this time, the owners of the house carefully reflect on the table menu, the evening program and gifts for guests. As a pleasant surprise, the Finns prefer to give locally produced items, and this manifests another of their national characteristics: Finnish patriotism.finland

Although Finland remains a territory in which nature has a special power and dominance, it has evolved a lot in the last 50 years, going from being an eminently rural country to having some of the most efficient and technological cities in the world. land of a thousand lakes

However, the natural halo has not been lost in Finland. And that is very complicated in a country that has almost 190,000 lakes, 180,000 islands and immense forests. In addition, in its northern part, you can enjoy the beautiful and strange Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Despite being part of Sweden until the 19th century, Finland is very different from its conqueror and Norway. Immersed in a game of constant political balance between Europe and Russia, Finland has always maintained an unwavering and independent spirit that makes it one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

Did you know that approximately a quarter of the country's population has dogs?

The Finns' love of hunting is reflected in their love for dogs, the lifelong helpers of hunters. In Finland, there is a strong dog-breeding culture: you can find dog breeder clubs with a hundred-year history, shops with things for dogs, specially designated areas for walking them, rights protection organizations. In Finland, it is customary to play sports all the time. Skiing is the residents' favorite sport. There are more than 100 ski centers in the country. The Finns' commitment to sport and healthy lifestyles is manifested in their desire to take care of their health and that of others. In Finland, not only is smoking in public places prohibited, but guests must also ask the host for permission to smoke on the balcony or patio.

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