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Norwegian gastronomy

Posted on11/07/2020 by
Norwegian gastronomy

The typical food of Norway, as well as its culture, has been due to the harsh climate that affects the area. That is why, not being able to have the raw material throughout the year, the inhabitants of the country have been in charge of learning to conserve it.

The gastronomy of Norway consists of a light, simple and simple but very tasty cuisine. It does not stand out for having a lot of seasonings and spices. Norwegian foods are best seasoned with salt, butter and pepper. Gastronomy is very important to Norwegians and is part of their cultural heritage. They themselves are responsible for ensuring that traditional food remains valid from generation to generation.


Starting with this fish and seafood soup with a cream base and concentrated fish broth. Its preparation is very simple, since it consists of adding cod, salmon, pollock, chopped leek and carrot to the broth. This meal is special for cold days and is usually served as a starter at lunch or dinner. It is a dish that can be found throughout the year in Norway, and it is considered one of the traditional entrees at any Christmas dinner.

Nordic gastronomy

Norwegian salmon

Norwegian salmon is undoubtedly one of the most famous and acclaimed products in Norwegian cuisine. The dish has a unique and admirable flavor, which makes it the star of many restaurants. There are many ways to prepare it, for example marinated or baked accompanied by a cream sauce, among others.

Norwegian gastronomy: Salmon


It is a traditional stew in the gastronomy of Norway. It is a stew that is made with squared meat, potatoes, carrots, turnips, butter, parsley and broth. It is another of the ideal dishes for winter. Like all stews, its recipe is not unique, and its preparation and ingredients may vary according to the chef's tastes.

typical Norwegian cuisine


A typical Norwegian meal at Christmas is Pinnekjøtt. For the preparation, it is necessary to hydrate the salted and dried sheep ribs, at least for 24 hours in cold water. They are then steamed on birch sticks for about two hours, until tender. They are usually accompanied with cooked turnips, potatoes and carrots, and with traditional drinks such as Aquavit or beer.

typical Norwegian dishes


Known as the national food in Norway, Farikal contains only two main ingredients: sheep and cabbage. Its recipe is very simple and easy, and consists of placing in a pot with water, salt and black peppercorns, cabbage and sheep meat until cooked. One particularity about this dish is that it has its own day of celebration, so on the last Thursday in September, you can find it at any table in this country.

typical Norwegian dishes

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