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Germany and its main ingredients in the kitchen.

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Germany and its main ingredients in the kitchen.

German cuisine has a lot of variety within the same nation because in border areas there are influences from neighboring countries; such as the southern regions of Germany that share tastes for some dishes with Switzerland and Austria, the western regions are influenced by France, and the northern regions are influenced by the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

Traditional german food

Most used ingredients in German gastronomy:

If we talk about meats, we can find pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and goose. Also, it is common to include game meat such as rabbit, wild boar and roe deer. In supermarkets you can find all these meats, mostly sausages since it is one of the favorite and typical ways of consuming it within German culture and if we talk about fish, salmon, saithe, herring, eel and trout are the most Common, they can be obtained already prepared in the market in presentations such as: preserved in salt, pickled, vacuum packed or prepared in sauces. Shellfish are a bit more common towards northern Germany.

Best traditional german dishes

The vegetables and greens that are mostly consumed are turnips, carrots, radishes, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and cabbages. These vegetables are used to make stews, but also to accompany meals; To accompany the main dishes of German cuisine, they use vegetables, vegetables and pasta with a high egg content; in very isolated cases the fried potato.

vegetables and greens in German gastronomy

In German cuisine there is an abundant variety of dairy products, they are found in supermarkets and many cheeses are made with sour milk or with curdled milk, yogurt, whey.

The bread of German cuisine is internationally known, whose characteristic ingredient is rye flour and wheat, the most common are wheat and rye bread, toast bread, whole wheat bread, yeast bread, white bread, multigrain bread , rye bread, sunflower seed bread, pumpkin seed bread and onion bread.

What is the best in german cuisine

Fruit-based cakes and pastries are traditional in Germany, the famous "Black Forest" well known worldwide, originates from Germany.


Beer represents one of the emblematic drinks of Germany, each region has its own recipe, it is in the south where its consumption is more deeply rooted specifically in Franconia and Bavaria, Pils type beer is highly consumed in this country.

The Oktoberfest festival is quite famous, since it takes place throughout Germany and in countries where there are German colonies in the months of September and October; It consists of meeting and consuming the beer in large mugs or "Humpen".

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