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What you didn't know about Belgian fries

Posted on10/13/2020 by
What you didn't know about Belgian fries

Among the curiosities of Belgium is a very peculiar one: French fries. Where does the famous potato chip come from, and why are the famous “frites” known as a Belgian specialty?

origen de las patatas fritas

The origin of the fried potato is a controversial issue that has not yet been fully clarified and brings gastronomic specialists headlong, since several hypotheses difficult to clarify arise in this field. Although there are even theories that locate the origins of the fried potato in Russia, the two clear competitors in terms of the country that discovered this rich snack are French and Belgian.

France says that the fried potato was born with the frites du Pont Neuf, since this delicacy would have been invented by the itinerant merchants of the oldest bridge in Paris, the day after the Revolution of 1789. All the possible explanations that they make would come into play here. allusion to the English name of this food, French fries, where one of the most curious stories refers to the same president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, who, having been ambassador to France from 1785 to 1789, could have introduced the custom of eating the potatoes "the French way."

However, the Belgians locate the source of the fried potato in the Namur region of southern Belgium, where its inhabitants used to fish for small minnows in the Meuse River, which they then fried. This custom through which they got some food would be interrupted by a particularly harsh winter in the middle of the seventeenth century that will freeze the river and make fishing impossible. Faced with this impediment, the inhabitants of the area would be content with replacing the small fish with similarly sized peeled potato wedges.

Although the origin of the "frites" is not entirely clear, it is very easy to observe the very different way in which both countries have adapted this food to their cuisine. In France, French fries are normally served with meat, on a plate and eaten with a fork; While for Belgians their "frites" are a delicacy in themselves, a unique dish and accompanied by a sauce, eaten with your fingers at any time.

This importance of the “frites” in Belgian culture explains the proliferation of the fritkot (in Flanders) or baraques à frites (in Wallonia) in any place, square, avenue, or station in the country.

patatas fritas belgas


"Les frites belges": Everything is in the way of its preparation, and in this process, the Belgians are the masters without question. The true Belgian potato chip is prepared using a variety of potato known as Bintjes. The trick of its incomparable flavor is based on the choice of fat or oil to be used and on the double frying process, which gives them their characteristic golden and crisp appearance.

patatas fritas belga origen

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