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List of classic movies to watch on halloween

Posted on10/09/2020 by
List of classic movies to watch on halloween

Halloween is coming and we are in that perfect time of year to spend hours of scares in front of the television.

From the strangest or scariest to the cutest, we list the ribbons that are ideal for Halloween. Without a doubt, the ribbons represent a time of year that you love because it is full of sweets, costumes and fun. Also here you will have a special selection of movies that are ideal for you to start putting yourself in the best mood for that day or to inspire you for your next Halloween costume!

We start with:


This animated film that has Tim Burton as one of the creators, tells the story of Jack and two of our favorite moments every year: Halloween and Christmas.

In addition, their characters can be the perfect costume for you and you will enjoy listening to the song 'This is Halloween', at the beginning of the film.

Good movies to watch on halloween nightmare before christmas


Both the first part and its sequel are animated 'horror' films that will make you laugh, provoke you cuteness and show you a great list of funny ghosts, monsters, and even an invisible man!

Without a doubt, another film that will give you many ideas to have an original costume this Halloween.


movies to watch on halloween hotel transivania


In a 19th century European village, this frame-by-frame animated film tells the story of Victor, a young Jewish man, who is suddenly taken to hell to marry a mysterious "corpse bride", while his real girlfriend Victoria waits in the world of the living.

best halloween movies corpse bride


The first Halloween movie marks the beginning of the slasher tapes and the appearance of Michael Myers in seven other sequels and two reboots. This film is also the one that introduces Jamie Lee Curtis, when his character, Laurie Stroodie, is still a teenage babysitter who fights for her life and that of the children she has to take care of on Halloween night.

Hhalloween movie


In the film, Michael Myers is admitted to a mental hospital after murdering his older sister on Halloween. Years later he escapes and seeks to kill the man who became his staunch rival, Laurie Stroodie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. This Halloween movie is the last in the franchise, thus far, but also one of our favorites.

halloween 2018


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre defied all the conventions of cinema in its time and the truth is that it remains one of the scariest films in history. It tells the story of a group of young people who come to a ranch on vacation and never leave.

where to watch texas chainsaw massacre for free


Although this film is not set at this time of year, it does become a reference for movies that you should see on Halloween, both because of the terror caused by seeing an alien clown devour and float children, and because of the autumn atmosphere that you surely noticed. in your color palette. With a cast that empowers this version, including Finn Wolfhard, Bill Skarsgård and Jack Dylan Grazer, the IT of 2017 owes nothing to the film of 1990.

where to watch steven king it 2017 for free


Besides being terrifying, The Shining is a masterpiece. Stanley Kubrick made the whole world tremble with the experiences of a family in an abandoned hotel.

where to watch the shinning for free

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