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The true history of halloween

Posted on10/08/2020 by
The true history of halloween

In October it is the arrival of Halloween. Ancient Celtic peoples used to hold a great ceremony to commemorate "the end of the harvest." This celebration occurred at the end of October. This festival was baptized with the Gaelic word Samhain which means the end of summer, this is because during this celebration they said goodbye to Lugh, god of the Sun.

Halloween's roots are not really in America, but in the UK.

Its name comes from an English phrase "All Hallows' Eve", which would be translated as Halloween.

Historians of the 18th century had already linked Halloween to an ancient pagan festival: a Celtic ritual called Samhain that celebrated the end of summer and the arrival of the short, cold days of autumn. Samhain lasted three days and began on October 31. According to some scholars, it was a tribute to the "King of the dead."

what is the true origin of halloween

How did the celebration come to the United States?

During the Great Famine (1845-49) in Ireland, which was then part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, more than a million people emigrated to the United States.

They took their history and traditions with them, and it is no coincidence that the first mentions of Halloween on American soil appeared shortly after that exodus.

was halloween created by americans

Initially, the American version was very similar to that of the British countryside, but there were some crucial additions, such as the introduction of scarecrows in the decorations - corn was a crucial crop in American agriculture. There were others, like the classic "trick or treat" phrase of children or the use of pumpkins (the British tradition was to carve turnips). According to some historians, the celebration took off after World War II, when food rationing ended.

True facts about halloween tradition

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