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Mexican tacos: A variety of flavours from mexico

Posted on10/03/2020 by
Mexican tacos: A variety of flavours from mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country, it has a great cultural diversity and above all, gastronomy.

If you are thinking of spending your vacation in Mexico, you have to try the tacos! Mexican food is a vast universe where all kinds of ingredients and preparations are mixed, the taco is a representative dish, in addition to having an infinity of varieties, it is very practical and easy to make. For this reason, many of the "Mexican" restaurants that open abroad offer as one of the main dishes on the menu one of the varieties of tacos.

Mexican tacos: A variety of flavours from mexico

Despite its diversity, to really be called a taco, this preparation requires three basic elements: tortilla, some ingredient to wrap with it (stews, vegetables or proteins, including insects) and the essential sauce in which, again, all kinds of components can participate.

The base of every taco is definitely the tortilla; the essence is in the corn, sustenance of the Mexicans.

In pre-Hispanic times, women prepared tortillas on a hot stone or on a comal placed directly on the stove, and decorated them using red chili as pigment.

For the correct preparation of corn, as well as to take better advantage of its nutrients and facilitate its digestion, this basic ingredient is cooked in lime water or with ash to release the skin (husk).

Subsequently, the corn cooked in this way, known as nixtamal, is ground to obtain the mass of the tortillas. They come in all colors, depending on the variety of corn used, and in different sizes.

What is the best mexican food

Remember ... it is not a taco without sauce !!!

The taco is not taco without a good sauce and the sauce is not sauce without a nice spicy touch. This element spreads and complements, in addition to adding acidity and a certain contrast to the flavor of the taco and its filling.

Among the ingredients that compose them, you cannot miss the serrano, habanero, arbol, jalapeño peppers, in their fresh or dried versions; as well as green tomatoes or tomatoes, onion, garlic, avocado or coriander.

Of all colors and consistencies, Mexican sauces can have some of the previous ingredients finely chopped, ground in a molcajete or blender and even sliced ​​in julienne. Whatever their characteristics, the touch they add to the studs is essential.

Spicy salsa is the best sauce for tacos

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