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Top 10 teenagers who transformed their looks with plastic surgery

Posted on08/17/2020 by
Top 10 teenagers who transformed their looks with plastic surgery

Sometimes some of us are not comfortable with our looks, or we just want to look like our idols so we turn to plastic surgery to change the way we look.

However it doesn't always turn out how we would like it to be. with more than 200.000 teenagers who had surgery last year, Let's take a look at the top 10 teenagers who transformed their looks with plastic surgery.

10. Ryan Greter


At the age of 15, Ryan Greter had his ears pinned back as his first procedure. After years of being bullied for having big ears, He claims that his surgery has given him more confidence. He added "he now stands up for himself and doesn't let anyone bully him anymore.

9. Celso Santebanes


20 years old from Brazil, has always loved dolls and transformed his looks to look like a ken doll. At the age of 16 he won a modelling contest and since has been charging £10.000 for any featured appearances. He has had 4 operations to his nose, draw and chin, and also had silicone implants in his chest to mimic his favorite doll Ken, Barbie's boyfriend.

8. Mauricio Galdi


Another Ken doll from Brazil, Mauricio Galdi claims he is the original Brazilian Ken doll even before Celso, he also claims that he had 15 surgeries in his lifetime so far, which includes 4 rhino plasties, liposuctions, arm and chest implants. At the age of 16 against the advice of his surgeons Mauricio had 2 ribs removed to look even more like the doll.

7. Valeria Lukyanova


Talking about Ken dolls, here is the human barbie! Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova claims "she had only surgery on her boobs", she also added that "she achieved her looks by fitness, a strict diet make up and contact lenses", however pictures clearly show a different story.

6. Chloe Khan


You may remember her as Chloe Mafia, at the age of 18 the singer got kicked from the British X-factor Bootcamp stage for turning up smelling like vodka. She admitted partying the night before. Now a youtuber and influencer she had a series of surgeries, a Brazilian butt lift, lip enhancements, breast augmentation and 2 nose jobs. After the second nose job which she had done in Ukraine by a surgeon she found on instagram, Chloe was left unable to smell or properly breathe and actually passed out on her kitchen floor for 2 days when she returned home.

5. Kelli Johnson


Kelli Johnson has been modelling since the age of 10 and at the age of 16 a photographer told her she wouldn't make it in the industry unless she didn't get a nose job. Sadly, after that rude remark, Kelli decided to take the procedure and ended up with a budge rhino plastic. What the surgeon claims were a bit of swelling was in fact a bit of cartilage sticking out. A year later the same surgeon offered to fix her nose completely free, and you guessed it, he made it even worse.

4. Farrah Abraham


You may recognize her from 16 and pregnant and teen mum. In January 2015 Farrah had a lip procedure in order to make a lip look fuller, but it didn't exactly go to plan. After injecting her with a numbing product unaware she was allergic to, her lip tripled in size. Despite her bad experience she claims she wants to get her butt done.

3. Justin Jedlica


The first human Ken doll, During his teens, Justin got inspired from watching lifestyles of the rich and famous, and since had several procedures and body contouring as a true symbol of what it means to lead a glamorous and rich lifestyle. altogether Justin has taking over 300 procedures which 90 of them cost more than 100.000$ alone. 

2. Rodrigo Alves


The human Ken doll which became a barbie doll, Roddy has had many procedures to become a ken doll and had more procedure to become a barbie doll afterwards So far he has had more than 57 procedure and he has spent more than 883.000$ on his surgeries.

2. Sahar Tabar


19 year old teenager Sahar Tabar has taken over 50 surgeries, so she could mimic and look like her idol Angelina Jolie. However, she didn't stop at the surgeries, she has also made herself lose a substantial amount of weight so she could reach 40 kilograms which is actually really unhealthy for her height and age.

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