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Belgium and sports: check which are the most popular sports in this country

Posted on08/18/2021 by
Belgium and sports: check which are the most popular sports in this country

What are the most popular sports in Belgium? Surely in the minds of sports fans, Belgium is perhaps best known for football. This sport has dominated Belgian sport for decades, to be exact since 1880, however Belgium has other more traditional games that are still widely played. Also, did you know that Belgium is the birthplace of the famous cyclist Eddy Merckx?Belgium and sports: check which are the most popular sports in this country

Cycling: Is one of the most popular sports in Belgium. The country is a world power in road cycling, and has outstanding cyclists on track, mountain and cyclo-cross. The most outstanding cyclist in the country was Eddy Merckx, multiple winner of the Road Grand Tours and the Road Cycling World Championships. Belgium is a very friendly country to travel by bicycle. There are many places to rent them and the trains are prepared to be able to travel with the bicycle.

Crossage: It is an ancient ancestor of the modern sport of golf, this is a team sport in which you will try to hit a wooden ball towards a series of objectives, trying to reach a certain number of strokes. However, unlike in golf, the opposing team can use their turn to try to hit the ball away from the goal. This oppositional action on the part of the opposite side makes the game of strategy and skill.

Belgian Darts: Darts are a traditional game in Belgium. The current game is derived from a Vogelpik called major games, in which participants propel birds stuffed with needles attached to them onto a board on the wall. These days, the bird has been replaced with feather and board darts with a circular target. Each player has four darts and throws them one after the other. Then the first player to get the score from him moves on to the next player, and so on. After five rounds, the highest score wins.

Colored Whist: It is a very popular variant of Whist played in Belgium. As for most, it is similar to the usual version of Whist. However, in color while trump's color is not the last card in the deck, but is instead the result of a bidding process. The cards have a hierarchy of value: hearts, diamonds, clubs and finally spades. Beyond this, there are countless variations on the game and approaches to scoring.

Rolle Bolle: It is a simple team game very similar to other games throughout Europe, such as ball rolling bocce ball. In the case of Rolle Bolle, the object of the game is for the player to roll a small eight-pound wheel, called a bolle, closer to a stake set in the ground some 42 feet away. While most players try to get as close as possible, other players, known as shooters, will try to hit the opponent's bolle, so a partner will be closer.

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