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Paris City of Love

Posted on07/29/2021 by
Paris City of Love

Do you know why they call Paris The City of Love? Its name is due to its infinite romanticism that is found in its literature, poetry, music, but especially in its architecture that recreates a dreamlike atmosphere. So if you are looking for a romance adventure, Paris has to be your next stop as it is the best place to celebrate love. The French capital has a charm that falls in love with anyone, over the years it has been the setting for a large number of films such as Midnight in Paris, Amélie and Les Miserables that have shown us how captivating walking its streets can be, and it is not for less because it has one of the best urban plans in the world and an architectural wealth that seems to have been conceived as art.
Palaces and mansions have survived over the years, transforming themselves into apartment buildings or for commercial use without breaking into their facades, as France is aware of its historical legacy and that is why it always seeks to preserve it to the maximum, so that contemporary buildings have been gradually developed to keep the French essence intact.Paris: City of Love

Today it is still possible to see facades with Roman, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and modern styles, however the true character of the metropolis is classicism, and despite so much variety in its architecture, the city is built in coherent and uniform way showing harmony. Paris has dedicated its architecture to exalting the love found in its streets, which is why there is a temple dedicated to it, the Temple Romantique which is located on the Île de Reuilly, a small island in Bois de Vincennes, the public park largest in town. However, the world recognizes the Eiffel Tower as the French symbol, that is why it has become the favorite of marriage proposals and the favorite spot of endless romantic postcards, because the magical atmosphere that is perceived here is unmatched. The most charming neighborhood in the city is probably Montmatre, here is the famous Le mur des je t'aime, a wall that represents union and reconciliation where whoever wants to can write words of love. The play devised by Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito welcomes hundreds of lovers from all over the world every year. Bridges are also another architectural heritage that seems to have been created to declare love, in hundreds of films these have been the protagonists in romantic scenes. The Pont Neuf is very crowded and, according to urban legend, if someone who really loves you kisses you here, it means that you will visit the city again. Possibly you have also heard of the Pont des Arts, the one in which couples placed padlocks and disposed of the key in the Seine River in a way of vowing eternal love; Unfortunately, this tradition can no longer be done since 2015, since they were withdrawn since then since the weight represented a danger to the structure.

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