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Types of beer and variety of dishes to accompany this popular drink

Posted on07/23/2021 by
Types of beer and variety of dishes to accompany this popular drink

Surely you already know that beer is one of the most popular drinks in many parts of the world, the funny thing is that for some time now, beer has earned a respectable place in kitchens and palates, ceasing to be seen only as a drink. and acquiring the character of a food accompaniment element, as wine is usually considered. There is a wide variety of types of beer that you can choose from, to that add one more delight, your favorite dish to accompany. Some chefs think that what it is all about is pairing a dish with a drink, finding common ground, such as a fruity beer with sweet dishes or having a spicy pale ale accompany spicy and spicy dishes, so that the notes of the drink evoke flavors of the bites. However, an opposite approach suggests that contrasting flavors are what make a dish best paired with a beer, such that a bitter, dry stout accompanies a plate of oysters. The main contrast from which this distinction can be made is the sweet-salty elemental, without losing sight of the fact that some dominant flavors in the food may come from proteins, sauces or methods of preparation.Types of beer and variety of dishes to accompany this popular drink

The high fermentation type of Ale beer pairs with a good number of simple dishes, which makes it ideal to be served on common occasions. It goes well with hamburgers, pizzas, chicken wings, Asian and Mexican food, and, in general, with spicy food or fried foods.

An ideal style to pair with cheese, meat and cold cuts. Bock beer, or simply bock, are strong, low-fermented beers that are generally made for the winter. Thanks to its malty sweetness it pairs perfectly with Swiss cheeses, such as Gruyere or Emmental, as well as Cajun food, or with grilled foods such as pieces of meat or sausage.

Fruity beer: for this type of Belgian beer to which fruits are added in the barrels in which it is fermented, which gives it a particularly sweet flavor, paired with mascarpone cheese; with white meats, such as chicken or turkey, and even goes perfect with duck cooked with a sweet component; also with pickled dishes or salads with fruity dressings.

Lager: Low-fermented beers are ideal for dishes where seafood stands out, such as sushi; or to accompany roast chicken or pork. It also pairs with pasta dishes in which it is not accompanied with sauce or meat, as well as with dishes of spicy food, such as Mexican food.

Types of beer and variety of dishes to accompany this popular drinkPilsner: One of the most popular lager-type beers, pilsners, go well with American cheeses such as muenster or monterey jack; salads or seafood such as salmon or tuna. Also, being a lager, it goes well with spicy dishes such as the aforementioned Mexican or even Asian food.

Porter: Characterized by its dark color and its intense flavor, where hops and malt stand out, porter beer is ideal to accompany smoked or roasted dishes, so it goes perfectly with cuts of meat, sausages or meat products with enough fat such as bacon or bacon.

Weizen or wheat beers: Finally, this style characterized by its elaboration with wheat malt can be paired with light soups or salads, as well as with certain cheeses such as gruyer, feta or goat, or with sweet and fruity dishes as desserts. or seasoned salads.

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