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Countries and beer: Where do they drink the most?

Posted on07/21/2021 by
Countries and beer: Where do they drink the most?

Beer is one of those drinks that are most consumed when the good weather arrives. A terrace, pleasant temperature, sun, friends, barbecue with the family and a pleasure as simple as that is served. The wide variety of beer on the market, with or without alcohol, also makes it easier for you to find one for all tastes.
Do you know which is the country where the most beer is consumed?
Starting with the Czech Republic, the country where the most beer is consumed in the world, how do we know this? simple, the rate of consumption per person per year is nothing more and nothing less than 468 beers a year. It is also true that its capital, Prague, is one of the most touristic cities in Europe, also famous for the large number of bachelor parties that are held there and the festivals around beer. All these factors also contribute to increasing the consumption of this drink in the country.Countries and beer: Where do they drink the most?
It is followed by Spain, this country ranks second among the largest beer consumers in the world, behind the Czech Republic. Here the average annual consumption per person is 417 beers per year.
The third largest beer consumer in the world is Germany, with an average of 411 beers per person per year. This country stands out for its abundant beer culture and, although the Germans are not the ones who consume the most, they are the ones who spend the most, since the average is 1907.78 dollars per year. Every year, during the month of August, the International Beer Festival is held in Berlin, one of the unavoidable appointments of this type of event in Europe. An average of 398 beers per year per person are consumed in Poland. So the Poles are also great brewers. Its breweries are some of the largest producers in Europe. In recent years, in addition, the consumption of non-alcoholic beer has increased in the country.
Austria could not be absent from this list. With 389 beers per person per year on average, the country ranks fifth. And it is a land with a great brewing tradition. Almost all breweries offer guided tours and tastings, and beer parties are regularly organized. You can even take the Beer Route in Salzburg, considered the beer capital of Austria.
With an average of 373 beers per year per person, Panama is the next country in the ranking. In fact, it is the one that leads the consumption of beer in America. The Panamanian market for this drink is so important that, in addition to industrial beers, it has its own craft beers, so if you go to the country do not hesitate to taste one of them.
Lithuania is also in this ranking in seventh place. Lithuanians consume an annual average of 349 beers per person, and although industrial beers dominate the market in the country, they are still competed by Lithuanian craft beers: traditional farmhouse beers with little hops and somewhat sweet. You will be surprised how many types of traditional beer there are.

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