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Covid-19: in France some hospitals deny access to the elderly.

Posted on07/31/2020 by
Covid-19: in France some hospitals deny access to the elderly.

The hospitalization of the elderly during the pandemic is at the heart of the questions. elderly people would have been "deprived of access" to the hospital, especially in intensive care, to declare MP LR Eric Ciotti, rapporteur of the commission of inquiry into the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19), "We have reduced their chances. Many could probably have been saved. This is serious, "accuses the elected right. The Ministry of Health reacted by denouncing a "spurious use" of access numbers in intensive care by comparing those of this year to those of last year.

In the event of a crisis, when the hospitals are completely full, what will we do? The coronavirus is a painful pandemic to contend with and comes straight out of a disaster movie scenario.

For the majority of people, infection with the coronavirus will not have a major consequence. But for a small fraction of those infected, it will be a matter of life and death. If the epidemic numbers continue to rise, the small percentage of patients who will be in critical need of medical assistance may well saturate the intensive care units of French hospitals.

What to do then?
This question is already being asked in Lombardy (Italy), where the problem of disaster triage has emerged in the Italian public debate with the dissemination by the Italian Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care of a document comprising "recommendations of clinical ethics for admission or refusal of admission to intensive care in exceptional conditions of an imbalance between needs and available resources", and the publication of testimonies of doctors sharing the dilemmas where plunges them at the bedside of the crisis situation.

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