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Ancestral cultures and the Atacama desert

Posted on06/15/2021 by
Ancestral cultures and the Atacama desert

Why visit Atacama? This is not just any desert; In addition to being the most arid, the Atacama Desert is an area abundant in energy, thanks to its welcoming ancestral cultures and the oases that are the source of life in the driest desert in the world.
Where? Along almost the entire coast of Peru and far to the north of Chile, 886.2 miles from Santiago is the famous Atacama Desert, reputed to be the "driest place in the world" that covers a 600-mile stretch of coastline. Pacific, west of the Andes. The desert is estimated to occupy 41,000 square miles or 49,000, if the land on the foothills of the Andes is included. In a region 60 miles south of Antofagasta, where the desert averages 10,000 feet high, the earth has been compared to that of the planet Mars, and for its unique appearance, various scenes of the landscape of Mars have been filmed. there, one of the best known television series Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets. The region is used in a special way by NASA to test many instruments that will be used in future expeditions to Mars.Ancestral cultures and the Atacama desert
In addition, and the most important fact: both in the high Andean puna and in the intermediate oases and valleys that descend from the Andes mountain range, cultures developed over thousands of years that took advantage of the scarce resources offered by the environment and created complex symbolic and political systems. With roots and Andean cultural tradition, the agro-pottery ethnic groups of the northern zone of Chile maintained early cultural contacts with the great civilizations that arose in the highlands of the central Andes. At the same time, small bands of fishermen and gatherers, generically called changos, settled on the coastal edges of the desert, maintaining a low level of cultural development in an environmental context of particularly difficult conditions.

Do you want more reasons to visit this desert? If you ascend the more than 4,000 meters high of the Andean plateau you will discover small towns that keep their customs intact amidst extreme scenarios that are worth photographing. Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore unique landscapes in the world. Salt flats, geysers and lagoons of an intense blue color, are part of the places that will amaze you. In addition, if you visit this majestic place, you can enjoy a trip through the stars, learn more about the stars and constellations in one of the many astronomical observatories in the north of the country. If you like water sports or simply sunbathe, be sure to visit the coast to enjoy beaches with clear sand, and of course the exquisite seafood.

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