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Speaking of food: what is the tastiest in the world?

Posted on06/05/2021 by
Speaking of food: what is the tastiest in the world?

Have you ever been curious about the most delicious food in the world?

Either because of its gastronomic variety or because of the type of condiments it uses, the truth is that we could imagine the most elaborate and complicated recipes but ... the truth is that this simple but very exquisite dish has won the prize!
We are talking about French fries, yes, as you hear it, French fries are such a simple food but at the same time so addictive that our brain already takes it for granted. Foods full of fat and salt have been proven to activate our brains, generating pleasure and desire that makes it difficult to abstain.

Speaking of food: what is the most delicious in the world?

The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany carried out a study with rats and the team of researchers concluded that after ingesting potato chips, the brain of the rodents increased the secretion of dopamine, the pleasure hormone, causing an appreciable feeling of well-being. Undoubtedly, we all have that irriesistible desire to eat a fried potato.

Centuries have passed since the creation of French fries and there is still a dispute between Belgium and France over who put them first in the frying pan with boiling oil. Did you know that potatoes were imported to Europe by the Spanish from Peru? If you visit Belgium you will notice that the streets of Brussels are full of the typical French fries places where Belgians and tourists gather to eat this addictive food.

The reason that everyone calls French fries "french fries" is because in World War I, Americans visited Belgium and ate this food. Since the Belgians speak French, the soldiers thought that the Gauls had invented French fries and thus they baptized those fried foods. In the US they have gone further and created more elaborate dishes based on the fried tuber. One of them is called ‘Chili cheese fries’ which are the typical French fries but with more addictive elements such as melted cheese and a chili sauce with ground beef. And you, how do you accompany this delicious dish?

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