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Welcome summer with these delicious dishes

Posted on05/28/2021 by
Welcome summer with these delicious dishes

In 2020, our routines were forced to change due to the Covid-19 pandemic, personalized catering and an appreciation for fresh and sustainable produce began to take hold. Beyond specific foods or recipes, everything indicates that in 2021 healthy foods will be consumed more than ever, a trend that had already arrived in previous years and that this time promises to spread and stay. The data on food consumption collected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food shows, since March, an increase in the consumption of fresh food, especially vegetables and fruits, as if the confinement situation had made us aware of the value of these products. In 2021 this trend is expected to consolidate.

More and more people are working from home, and that allows giving more relevance to an important meal on weekdays and not just on weekends. In the vegan segment, the offer of these foods is also increasing, with vegan French omelettes, cream cheese based on mung beans or new vegetable drinks.

25% of European consumers have modified their diet in the last three years, focusing their priorities on health and sustainability.

Welcome summer with these delicious dishes

Functional Foods: It is hardly new to talk about superfoods, probiotics or fermented foods such as kombucha (although be careful, because this fermented tea will continue to give a lot to talk about). But again they take center stage, because manufacturers are adding functional ingredients like vitamins to boost the immune system, making them doubly healthy.

Germinated: Sprouts of alfalfa, garlic, broccoli, beets, onion ... Increases the availability in the trade and therefore the consumption of sprouts, highly valued for their high percentage of protein (25%), rich in mineral salts and healthy effects such as lowering cholesterol or promote the digestive system.

Kelp, the star algae: Seaweed is said to be a food for the future, sustainable and rich in nutrients such as minerals, calcium and vitamins. The one that will be all the rage this year is kelp, which also helps reduce the absorption of ingested fats. It is marketed fresh, dehydrated and powdered, but an attractive way to eat it is 'cheon sa chae' noodles, semitransparent noodles made from the gelatinous extract that remains when seaweed is cooked. They do not contain flour or starch, so they are very light.

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