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After 5 months, the United Kingdom allows its citizens to travel again

Posted on05/22/2021 by
After 5 months, the United Kingdom allows its citizens to travel again

The United Kingdom has reopened its borders for international tourism, has recommended, through its Minister of Health, that the British do not travel to any country in Europe that is not included in the so-called green list of countries with a good epidemiological situation.

The country began this new step on Monday, May 17, despite the concern of the authorities about the expansion of the Indian variant of the covid, especially in the north of England. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asked last night a "dose of caution" in the face of the return of social contacts and said that "each one must contribute" to avoid the spread and remember the message of "hands, face, space and air cool".

After 5 months, the United Kingdom allows its citizens to travel again

Matt Hancock, Minister of Health, who represents a current current within the United Kingdom that advocates "caution", as Boris Johnson said last weekend, has assured that he "does not" recommend "at all" to travel to places like Spain , France, Italy or Greece, all of them members of the so-called amber list. Right now, those arriving from these destinations, either to visit the United Kingdom or to return, for example, from a few days off, will have to present a negative test for the virus, quarantine for ten days and carry out two more PCR tests during days two and eight of the confinement. Within the list - traffic light, the green color will mean free way to travel, without having to undergo the mandatory quarantine period upon return. Amber will mean that a ten-day isolation will be required upon returning to British territory, with two mandatory PCR tests to be performed on the second and eighth days. The red list, which already includes 39 countries - the majority from Latin America and Africa, none from Europe - supposes an absolute prohibition of leisure trips. The trip must, in these cases, be very justified, and the return quarantine must be carried out in hotels designated for it; the traveler must pay out of his own pocket, at a cost of about 2,000 euros. Despite pressure from some scientists, the British government has so far resisted including EU countries such as France, where the incidence of the virus has spiraled out of control in recent weeks, on its red list.

The pace with which the United Kingdom is reviewing which countries can move up the list of safe destinations is also too slow for representatives of the tourism sector, since for example Spain or Greece cannot choose to enter the green zone at least for up to three weeks. All this despite the fact that, as they defend there, the vaccination campaign in the European Union has improved notably in recent times, but, for others like John Bell, a professor at the University of Oxford and a government advisor, there are many areas "that they are still not vaccinated enough. " One problem is the epidemiological comparison between the United Kingdom and, for example, Spain, as it is too uneven. Not only have British citizens received more than double the vaccinations, but in the last week there were seven times fewer hospitalized, a third of the deaths and half of the new cases, which reinforces the position of those who want to wait before see how the pandemic evolves in certain countries.

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