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Who was the winner of Miss Universe 2021?

Posted on05/20/2021 by
Who was the winner of Miss Universe 2021?

Last Sunday, May 16, Andrea Meza, at 26 years old, became the third Mexican to be crowned Miss Universe. She was born in the state of Chihuahua in 1994. This beautiful young woman is not limited to the catwalks, she is also a promoter of her state and culture. According to the description on social networks, she is interested in stopping gender violence, she is vegan and has her own clothing brand. For Andrea the issue of harassment towards women is important, she frequently uses her social networks to raise the issue. For example, in a publication in January of this year, she asked for a halt to street harassment of women, noting that in Mexico 66.8% of women say they have suffered it.

Who was the winner of Miss Universe 2021?

"This ranges from offensive compliments, stalking and even rapes. Women want to feel safe in our own city," Andrea said. As part of her work as an ambassador against street harassment, Andrea shared through a campaign a few months ago three actions that can be taken to make women feel safer: respect people's living space, keep our opinions on someone else's body (for example refraining from complimenting) and doing something if you witness that type of harassment.

In the contest that gave her victory this Sunday, Andrea also defined herself as a family woman: "My name is Andrea Meza, I am Miss Mexico, I come from a city called Chihuahua, Chihuahua and I grew up with a very large family. I love being surrounded by my family, I have 40 cousins, two sisters that I love very much ", said the Chihuahuan. -" I also work with the Chihuahua tourism office and I am the ambassador. I see myself as an ambassador for human rights, it is something that I care a lot and I want the young women to realize that, to fight for their rights, "he said through a video.

Alma Andrea Meza Carmona, full name of the new Miss Universe, also works at the Municipal Institute for Women and is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua as a software engineer but is also a makeup artist. As part of her commitment to animals, and the reason she is vegan, she has also served as an animal rights activist.

In terms of beauty contests, she had already achieved a second place in Miss World in 2017 and in 2020 she won Mexicana Universal, a contest that led her to tonight's award as a representative of Mexico. Her first contest, according to her own account on her social networks last March, was in 2015 as UACH queen, where her friends almost forced her to participate and as a result of which her life took the course she is leading today . But she is also a fan of extreme sports so she can be seen doing activities like sandboarding.

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