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Google keyboard another level in smartphone technology

Posted on04/30/2021 by
Google keyboard another level in smartphone technology

At this time the objective of all the applications and services that we have on the mobile phone is to make life easier for us: we need applications and services that adapt to our routines and time, and of course, in the shortest possible time. The use of cell phones has expanded making their use almost exaggerated, but necessary, so any help to have a reliable and fast writing method is essential:
Google's flagship keyboard, the one that comes pre-installed on all modern smartphones (except phones sold in China) is gaining new functionality. If you are an advanced user who uses the clipboard function of Gboard a lot, this new change will surely make your life much easier.
In the latest version of Gboard, Google is rolling out a new scroll bar that allows you to quickly access all copied content. Currently, Gboard's widely deployed clipboard suggestion feature only displays a single clipboard suggestion in the center.Google keyboard another level in smartphone technology

The new change (via Android Police) that Google is testing extends the usefulness of the row and displays all your selections in a scrollable list. Thus, if you have copied several links, text, access codes, etc. On the clipboard, the Gboard clipboard suggestion bar will now display all your selections in one place with the ability to scroll through them for faster access. The scrollable clipboard takes over the shortcuts that usually appear there and hides them under an expandable arrow.

Google wants its keyboard to be more precise in this widely used function since currently Gboard only shows your most recent suggestion and you have to delve into the clipboard manager menu to access your other copied content. The fact that all the suggestions are displayed just above the keyboard will significantly improve the copy and paste function, and they report that the new suggestion bar works regardless of whether the clipboard history has been activated or not. However, we think Google will likely give users an option to exclude or disable this bar.

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