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Pandemic stuff: Can I travel to Europe?

Posted on04/18/2021 by
Pandemic stuff: Can I travel to Europe?

Who would not want to go on vacation, especially after the chaos that has been experienced due to the pandemic?
Regardless of the place you want to visit, you must make sure that your trip will be safe and will allow you to enter due to restrictions in many parts of the world.

Now, if your plan is to visit Europe, check if your country is on the list to be able to enter:

Pandemic stuff: Can I travel to Europe?

Currently, the EU is coordinating the efforts and actions of the Member States in order to strengthen their capacity to overcome the current health crisis. To try to achieve this, the EU has issued recommendations to member states aimed at making external borders secure and reducing the need for internal travel restrictions. Entry restrictions are constantly being reviewed as the situation continues to evolve. While the economy is a joint concern, the priority of the European authorities is to safeguard public health.

Therefore, some restrictions are required to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get Europe to recover as quickly as possible.

In June 2020, the EU established a set of criteria to assess the risk posed by third countries. The list of safe countries is being reviewed every 2 weeks by the authorities of the EU and the member states. Countries can be added to or removed from this list if the situation in the country changes. The criteria are also regularly updated. The current official list of safe countries offered by the EU includes the following nations: Australia, China, subject to reciprocal agreement, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.
The UK, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are automatically considered safe despite not being in the EU. Travelers from these countries should first check with the nation they wish to visit as this list is only a recommendation, not a mandatory measure. EU Member States will decide when to grant entry to travelers from some or all of the mentioned safe nations.
Please note that essential and non-essential travelers must show a negative PCR test result before they can travel. The test must have been carried out a maximum of 72 before departure. Some travelers may also be required to quarantine and undergo additional testing.

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