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Did you know about the pampering partner in Belgium?

Posted on04/16/2021 by
Did you know about the pampering partner in Belgium?

Did you know that during the period from November 1 to December 13, 2020 it was allowed to have a pampering partner?

the Government of Belgium had established a series of measures so that its inhabitants could cope with confinement as well as possible, and one of the most striking decisions is that everyone could have a 'knuffelcontact' or 'pampering partner', and singles or people who live alone can have two. In the opinion of the Belgian Executive, it is a fundamental help to maintain the mental health of the inmates during the second period of confinement, which began on November 1 and lasted until December 13. However, now Belgium is back in confinement but more severe.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo believes that "the only response to combat the pandemic is to protect the health system, and for this we must avoid any physical contact as much as possible."

In Belgium it is believed that the measure of having a pampering partner is essential to maintain the mental health of inmates during confinement. But to make home confinement more bearable, De Croo allows each citizen to designate someone to be their 'pampering partner' and visit them at home despite confinement. Of course, it cannot be changed and must always be the same person.

"Every member of the family has the right to a 'pampering partner'.
Families should only invite one of them home at a time. No other home visit can be received. There is an exception for those who live alone: ​​they can invite another person in addition to their hugging contact, but not at the same time, "says De Croo. In the case of confined citizens living alone, they can have up to two ' different mime companions, of course: they cannot receive them at the same time, they must go one by one.
The announcement of the Belgian Government has caused surprise in practically the whole world. But the truth is that it is reminiscent of the case of the Netherlands last summer: the 'seksbuddy', which was translated as 'housemate' and was still someone with whom people confined to solitary could have sex. In the United Kingdom, immediately after the phase of more restrictive closures, a concession similar to the one now instituted by the Belgian Government was introduced.

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