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Young Belgians challenge the Government by calling parties with crowds of people in pandemic

Posted on04/12/2021 by
Young Belgians challenge the Government by calling parties with crowds of people in pandemic

On April 1, a group called thousands of young Belgians to an event in a forest in Brussels, but ended with police charges, several detainees and many others injured, once again challenging the Government, citing youth to fight for their "right to the party ", after six months of harsh anti-coronavirus social restrictions in Belgium. There has been an accumulated incidence of 537 new cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been closed since October, non-essential shops have already closed again, they are obliged to respect a night curfew and meetings abroad are limited to a maximum of 4 people.

On March 31, based on a complaint from the League of Human Rights, a court of first instance in Brussels condemned the Belgian State, considering that this regulation that drastically restricts freedoms is illegal, since it has been processed through decrees. and not in Parliament. In the ruling, which the Executive has appealed, the court gave the Government 30 days to prepare a law containing the restrictive measures to be applied.

On this occasion, and in a context of growing tension between the youth and the authorities, the promoters of that anonymous group calling itself "l'Abîme" (the Abyss), demand that the federal Executive grant them official authorization so that young people can get together outdoors in a festive atmosphere. They do so in response to the letter that the Interior Minister, the Flemish conservative Annelies Verlinden, addressed to the youth empathizing with them and asking them for a little more patience after that first party on April 1, disguised as a joke on the day when In countries such as Denmark, France or Belgium they celebrate April Fool's Day, followed by a second date on April 2.

In Brussels, Belgium they summon thousands of young people to an event that ends with a police confrontation due to social restrictions due to coronavirus

"We allow ourselves to respond to you and face your challenge while we offer you another (...). We offer young people lacking freedom, parties, affection and hugs as you recognize, imagine and organize 'La BOUM 2' -as they called the party- in the Bois de la Cambre (an urban forest in Brussels) while they wait for D-day, the liberation that you promise us in a few weeks ", they write with a playful and transgressive tone that digs into the generation gap. The name "La BOUM" with which they refer to these events coincides with the title of an iconic 1980 French film starring Sophie Marceau, currently 54, and is a direct reference to the slang that the generation of his parents used to refer to parties.

The group, which does not seem related to another apparently improvised party on a Brussels train last weekend that the police are investigating, asks the minister to choose the date herself and to propose "sanitary rules that take into account the opinions of specialists , some of whom believe that the risk of such events is minimal and yet so vital to our youth. " However, the organizers warn that they will call events even if they do not reach an understanding with the Government and that is why in that first country festival they distributed some 1,500 QR codes so that young people could access a secret website with information about future appointments, which also they will make public on social networks once they have started.

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