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And, for good luck? Find out about animal charms that are considered good luck in China

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In many parts of the world there are beliefs about the good fortune that fate could bring us. In China, feng shui animals bring good luck when you know how to use them. Lucky animals are placed in the corresponding feng shui sectors in your home to activate specific areas of luck in your life.

BatMeet the animals of good fortune in China

The bat is an ancient feng shui symbol of wealth. In Chinese, the word bat means prosperity, so it is a great symbol to use as a cure for any financial problem. Simply place this symbol in the southeast (wealth) sector of your home or business.


If ever there was a symbol of fidelity and loyalty, it is the dog. This animal sign from Chinese astrology is also a powerful feng shui symbol of protection and justice. The dog is persistent and remains strong in the face of adversity. You can place this symbol in any area that you need to protect, such as the front door, the career corner (north sector), the wealth corner (southeast sector), the descendants corner (west sector) or the corner of the relationship / marriage (southwest corner).


This animal sign in Chinese astrology is also an ancient symbol of Chinese royalty and power. You can place a dragon on the front door to protect your house from theft or in the southeast sector (wealth) to protect your finances.

Dragon and phoenix

These two symbols are used to represent the perfect union of the energies of the dragon (yang) and the phoenix (yin). Place this symbol of a happy union in the southwest corner (marriage / relationship).

Good luck cat

The Lucky Cat, also known as Maneki-Neko is a feng shui symbol imported from Japan. This decorative cat looks with its right paw in the air. It is believed to be a protective symbol against disease and economic loss. Often placed in a business cash register, it can also be used in the east (health) or southeast (wealth) sector.

Dragon turtle

Some feng shui animal symbols are a combination of animals, such as the dragon turtle. The head of the dragon and the body of the turtle combine to create a mythical creature that attracts great wealth and acclaimed successes in the sector of luck where it is placed. A Chinese coin from a good dynasty is generally placed in the open mouth of the dragon to ensure the attraction of wealth luck (southeast sector).


The elephant has long been a symbol of great strength, intelligence and fertility. In Hinduism, the elephant represents one of the gods, Ganesha. Buddhism is a prominent Chinese religion, and the elephant is one of the eight sacred animals of Buddhism. Make sure any elephant used in feng shui has its trunk raised in a trumpet shape to indicate great fortune. Have one or more elephants facing north to blow the trumpet in a career promotion or the southwest to blow the trumpet of a new love or to celebrate a current long-lasting love.

Wild boar (Pig)

The wild boar or pig is a symbol of good luck and fortune in general. It is also a Chinese astrology sign animal. When placed in the wealth luck sector (southeast) you activate this area in your life. This animal is a famous money collector in the form of a piggy bank.


The crane is a feng shui symbol of longevity. If you want to activate the health sector (east) of your house, place a crane in this area. It will protect your health against disease and promote long life.


In feng shui, the presence of a cricket in the house, especially in the kitchen, is a symbol of wealth and luck. Cricket cages have long been a favorite decorative item in homes to further symbolize good fortune. Just add a small golden statue of a cricket to complete the look. Place this symbol in the southeast (wealth) sector of your home or office.


The deer is a symbol of grace, elegance, resistance and longevity. It is also a symbol of abundance. One can be placed in a dining room in the southeast sector (wealth). Another great place for this symbol is the health sector (east) to improve and protect health.

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