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What you can't miss about Japan

Posted on02/28/2021 by

If you plan to go to Japan, here are some places that you cannot miss: The country of the rising sun is an archipelago that has 6,852 islands; It is a country that has it all and more: Shinto shrines, magnificent Buddhist temples, ancient trade routes, spectacular gardens designed to the millimeter, pet cafes, diverse artistic styles, cultural icons that have remained over time and a great variety of gastronomic delights. Japan is definitely a country with endless places and things to discover. You could spend your life visiting this country and you would still have an extraordinary corner to explore.What you cannot miss in Japan

However, this wide range of options brings with it a small drawback ... And with so many alternatives and things to see, do and live in Japan, it is not easy to choose where to go! And if we also take into account that information in a foreign language is quite scarce, only a true expert would be able to guide you through the best places to visit in Japan. We start with:


Shinjuku is a neighborhood famous for its overwhelming neon lights. And proof of this is the Kabukicho area, whose name comes from the Kabuki theater that was erected in the vicinity after the devastating consequences of the Second World War. Since then, Kabukicho has grown into one of Japan's largest "red quarters", a place rife with bars, contemporary hostess clubs, and other modern entertainment for adults. But luckily Kabukicho has a lot more to offer. An example is the famous Robot Restaurant, located in the heart of the district. And as if that wasn't enough, Kabukicho can also boast of having the newest attraction in Tokyo, the sensational Shinjuku Virtual Reality Zone.

Ueno Park

This green area offers visitors a great variety of interesting things, so that you can get closer to the unique charms of this country in one place. In addition, you can explore the bustling and interesting Ameya Yokocho Bazaar, where the remains of a former black market are located.

Finally, if you like somewhat different destinations, we also recommend that you take a look at the nearby Yanaka area. This area was one of the few that survived the destructive devastation of World War II and is therefore a true gateway to Tokyo's historical and cultural past.

Hitsujiyama Park

Japan is known for its cherry blossoms, so one of the essential things you must do in the country is to visit it during the flowering season. To see them you have to organize your visit between the end of April and the beginning of May, and go specifically to the Shibazakura Hill that is located within the Hitsujiyama Park. Its more than 400,000 trees of nine different varieties are combined with a perfect amalgam of pink, red, white and purple petals, and the gigantic Mount Buko in the background.


Tohoku is a collective term used to describe the northern part of the main island of Japan. The entire Tohoku region is full of real gems and also features the Yama-dera and Ginzan onsen (or hot springs), two places visitors shouldn't miss.


You could say that the Kita-in Temple, located just 45 minutes northwest of Tokyo, is like a modern time machine! The place itself is not very popular with tourists, but it has earned the nickname "little Edo" due to the large number of historical warehouses that were here (Edo was the old name for Tokyo). A visit to this area is a great day trip from Tokyo for both travelers and locals. An interesting fact is that the Kita-in Temple of Kawagoe is built with the only pieces that survived from the old Edo Castle after it suffered a fire. After the flames, the shogunate requested that part of the castle be carried from central Tokyo to Kawagoe on foot to rebuild the temple.


The coastal town of Kamakura was once the military capital of Japan and largely responsible for the birth of samurai culture as we know it today. In addition, Kamakura is one of the main places of origin of Zen Buddhism in Japan. In fact, many of the temples that pioneered these spiritual principles are still putting the Buddha's teachings into practice today. The excursion to Kamakura is usually thought of as a one-day excursion. However, the reality is that this area offers a ton of interesting activities to keep you entertained for days. With its bamboo forests and ancient temples, Kamakura is capable of practically meeting the same requirements as a Kyoto excursion.


Unfortunately the city of Hiroshima is known throughout the world for being the first victim of the horrible atomic bombings. And as you might expect, the main place of interest in the city is precisely the monument dedicated to this terrible event, which is none other than the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
Despite Hiroshima's catastrophic legacy, this area is also home to another incredible attraction: Itsukushima Shrine, one of the best places in Japan, located on the island of Miyajima. One of the elements that most beautifies this sacred place is its giant bright red torii located in the water, whose structure seems to float when the tide begins to rise.

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