Chinese Gastronomy: The Art of Cooking

byAndrea A. 03/11/2021
Chinese food dishes focus mainly on aroma, flavor and pay attention to the aesthetic beauty of the food and the colors especially for the sauces.
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The Art of the Chinese Dragon: Powerful Symbol

byAndrea A. 03/09/2021
Dragons are found in many aspects of Chinese culture, from legends about Chinese ancestry to modern pets, from festival events to astrology and idioms.
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And, for good luck? Find out about animal charms that are considered good luck in China

byAndrea A. 03/07/2021
In many parts of the world there are beliefs about the good fortune that fate could bring us. In China, feng shui animals bring good luck when you know how to use them.
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What you cannot miss in China

byAndrea A. 03/05/2021
If you plan to visit China, get ready because it is a country that will fascinate you. Not only because of its size and nature but because of its culture, its history of 3000 years of documented history and the people...
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Traditions: Chinese Mythology

byAndrea A. 03/03/2021
Who has not heard about Chinese culture? A good part of the legends that are part of it correspond to events, stories or stories that took place during the period of the three august and five emperors.
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What you did not know about China

byAndrea A. 03/01/2021
Chinese culture is a set of beliefs, customs and artistic expressions that extends over a wide territory and that combines elements transmitted by hundreds of generations with the creations of today.
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What you can't miss about Japan

byAndrea A. 02/28/2021
If you plan to go to Japan, here are some places that you cannot miss: The country of the rising sun is a country that has everything and more.
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Types of Sushi: Do you know the varieties of this delicious dish?

byAndrea A. 02/27/2021
Within sushi we can find the best-known pieces and rolls, which are all presented differently, from sushi without nori seaweed, to rolls without fish that can be substituted for vegetables, or other meats, such as...
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Japanese gastronomy

byAndrea A. 02/26/2021
For those who enjoy food, this country will delight in a true paradise of unusual and very varied combinations of flavors in the same dish and even different dishes in the same menu.
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Japanese Mythology: A Mystery

byAndrea A. 02/25/2021
Japanese mythology within all mythologies is one of the most complex to understand. Terms that are used in the current language of Japan even start from it.
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